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Welcome to the Niramaya News - Blog!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Here you will find regular Niramaya Resort updates & announcements. Please be a little patient, as we are just starting with the Blog now (end ‘21) We will try to add first content as quick as possible, after that there will be regular postings every week. Topics are:


  • News related to your stay or potential stay

  • Changes in rules, regulations or other tourist related content

  • Special offerings and discounts

  • Events and Functions

  • Announcing irregular opening/closing periods, days or times

  • Background informations about our products and services

General besides the above, you will also get informed about

  • Accolades, Awards and Achievements

  • Regulation or policy updates

  • Vacant positions / job offerings

  • Changes in our team

  • & any other interesting information related to Tourism, Thailand, the Resort or Yao Noi Island

Restaurant and DeliShop online sales

- please see the related news on the Restaurant Website and its News-Blog: I hope that you will find the Blog helpful for you and and enjoy this addition of our service. Any comment or suggestion is very much appreciated to develop this part further and provide you the best experience And as always: sunny greeting, Frank

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