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Pandemic ended..

..that announcement will be the main topic in Thai travel & tourism sector in 2022

The official announcement that the Sars-Cov2 Virus is considered endemic is just waiting at the doorsteps.

Just when the WHO will announce that, -or at least lower the pandemic to a low-risk status- all the pressure on the governments will be gone:

The Thai Public Health Ministry’s plan to make Covid-19 endemic in Thailand by July 1 has been given the green light. The plan was approved March 9th by the National Communicable Disease Committee, giving Thailand under 4 months to downgrade the virus from pandemic status.

Cancelation or reduce of the measurements will follow. We have seen this very positive development over the last months and weeks. The obligatory mask wearing and strict rules will be replaced by recommendations and reminders. We see the travel restrictions are mostly gone already.

That's why right now we expect a massive increase in the travel & tourism sector. But still there is an amazing opportunity to get unbelievable value deals for those who are amongst the early bookers. Despite the high value of our product & services as well as expected increase in demand, Niramaya has still incredible offers which will only be available for a limited time.

An opportunity hard to miss.

Comment by Frank, June 2022

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