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Highly recommended are boat excursions, because Niramaya is located in the middle of the world famous Phang Nga Bay, well known for its unique natural beauty. Visit karst island like you never seen before - hidden beaches, lagoons, amazing seascapes with over- and underwater beauty and many more to discover.

Be aware that when we say full day tour - we mean it - because you are out there from after your breakfast nearly to sunset. That's 7-9 hours. Please compare that to other offers around here! BTW, half day will be also not less than 4.5 hours.


Besides the boat trips, there are much more tour possibilities for you, please see below.

Tour different

We are incredibly privileged to have guided clients from all over the world on tours through the stunning seascapes of Phang Nga Bay.

Our mission is to show this very unique and  different side of the world to our guests, and to help to gain a better and deeper understanding of this beautiful sites and destinations visited.

Unlike group tour organizations around here, we recommend highly personalized trips to our guests.

If you like to experience unique things with Niramaya, please get in touch so we can start creating the perfect itinerary for you.

more tour details

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