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Individual & Fresh

Who likes upward bending slices of cold cut and cheese and cold fried eggs?

- thanks for your silence!

You can having food sitting on a buffet and waiting for you to wake up at many places - but all of our  fresh components are made to order.

Your short waiting time gets immediately rewarded  by upmost freshness.

Homemade & Organic

Many of our breakfast components are freshly produced by our skilled staff on a daily basis.

We have full control of the ingredients to avoid any artificial or chemical substances that are used in industrial production.

Same Same & Different

Some recipes are developed by ourself to provide a more interesting & different experience to any store bought (=boring) products.

To see some details and discover unusual items such as hummus please browse the breakfast components list.

Mediterranean,  Vegetarian/Vegan, Seafood or a full blown Champagne breakfast are available as well. 

Sustainable & Local

Using products from the island and surroundings lead to a sustainable, authentic experience with a  low carbon footprint.


Niramaya Breakfast*

* powered by Rice Paddy
Proud to show you our
full breakfast menu
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