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Individual & Fresh

Who likes upward bending slices of cold cut and cheese and cold fried eggs?

- thanks for your silence!

You can having food sitting on a buffet and waiting for you to wake up at many places - but all of our  fresh components are made to order.

Your short waiting time gets immediately rewarded  by upmost freshness.

Homemade & Organic

Many of our breakfast components are freshly produced by our skilled staff on a daily basis.

We have full control of the ingredients to avoid any artificial or chemical substances that are used in industrial production.

Same Same & Different

Some recipes are developed by ourself to provide a more interesting & different experience to any store bought (=boring) products.

To see some details and discover unusual items such as hummus please browse the breakfast components list.

Mediterranean,  Vegetarian/Vegan, Seafood or a full blown Champagne breakfast are available as well. 

Sustainable & Local

Using products from the island and surroundings lead to a sustainable, authentic experience with a  low carbon footprint.


Niramaya Breakfast*

* powered by Rice Paddy
  • Juices
    NO - canned - tetrapack - concentrate YES - freshly squeezed - sourced locally - seasonal selection
  • Coffee
    Made to order: We consider instant coffee as a crime to humanity and therefore serv our coffee exclusively "freshly squeezed". Premium Quality Proud to receive fresh roasted 100% Arabica from the highlands of northern Thailand, perfectly rosted by one of the most traditional producers: "Nakornluang"
  • Hot Beverages
    Freshness If premium imported or traditional Thai tea, hot chocolate or herbal tea, NONE of the hot bevs sitting on a heater or in a thermo.
  • Bread & Rolls
    ..are mostly a desaster in Thailand. You will face plenty of cheap produced toast bread and sweet fluffy (=unhealthy) bread substitute or asian intepretations of bread. At Niramaya Breakfast you have a wide choice of wholemeal and cereal rolls and bread. Also white bread such as english breakfast muffins is in our range. The whole range is produced in our own bakery so that we can control and guarantee not also upmost freshness but also chemical- and additives free goodness. We are especially proud on our self-developed recipes such as "Mega-Grain rolls"
  • Butter
    NO - margarine - cheap "butter blend" - tiny portions individually packed YES - premium quality - unpacked (sustainable) - as much as you like
  • Jams & Spreads
    NO You will never get store bought industrial produced jams and spreads at Niramaya breakfast YES Every single type is homemade Jam/Marmelade*: - from fresh local fruits, no additives - high fruit content - low sugar Spreads: - coconut spread made from our island coconuts - nutbutter (Peanut / Cahew) fresh produced - Gianduja - The ancestor of Nutella, a hazelnut-chocolate spread with better ingredients Unusual spreads as hummus or green tea spread are also available frequently *due to season & availability
  • Fruits
    NO - canned - frozen - preserved - imported types YES - do we really have to mention "fresh" again? - locally sourced - tropical types
  • Eggs
    Premium, large sized eggs from preferably organic local sources getting prepared skillfully to order by our breakfast cook. Once again your waiting time is rewarded with freshness.
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