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Buddhist Fine Artwork
The meaning
nirāmaya (निरामय) (sanskrit)
​1 Free from sickness (healthy or that is in health)
2 Free from diseases or insalubrity (a country or place)

3 Unanxious, untroubled, unfearful, tranquil (a person sleep) 
free from disturbance (a place, service, business)
Niramaya Resort Amazing View


3 columns to build a memorable stay
At the intersection of comfort and convenience lies Niramaya, where you can take full advantage of 
make your stay
numerous amenities and services that are guaranteed to..
from guest services to tour deals, we seek to provide you with the..
attention & luxury
you deserve
guarantee you a
memorable stay

Explore our site to see what we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions using the contact form

featuring impeccable accommodations
and an attentive staff, we


a little video impression


we recommend to see the real deal

Our Story

Niramaya was founded by a like minded entrepreneur, who shares a passion for traveling and exploring.
Service, design and comfort are at our core; when you book a room with us, you are guaranteed to have an extraordinary experience.

From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll feel the special Niramaya hospitality.
Super soft linen, wide range of services and exceptional design are only part of the story.

Inspired by the exceptional surrounding landscape, Niramaya was designed to make your visit a unique, comfortable and fun experience.
Our villas are spacious and our rates are competitive.
And the team will do their best to make your stay easy and satisfying.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!
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